Who we are

NUDOR is a civil society organization established in 2010 by eight national organisations of persons with disabilities. NUDOR exists to strengthen the voice of the disability movement in Rwanda. Together NUDOR and its 15 members are working so that persons with disabilities can enjoy the equal rights to which they are entitled.

Our strategic aims

NUDOR has three strategic aims which cover 2015-2020.

  1. Representation and accountability: NUDOR will be accountable to and effectively represent members’ interests through the delivery of projects and priorities agreed by member organisations, and by facilitating joint working amongst members.
  2. Capacity building and resource mobilization: NUDOR and its member organisations are strengthened to fulfil its mandates by developing its technical skills, research and insight, sustainability and outreach.
  3. Advocacy and influencing: NUDOR will work to ensure that the needs and rights of all persons with disabilities are recognised by all, mainstreamed in laws and policies at all levels of government, and in programmes of other institutions focusing on areas of education, health and poverty reduction.

The strategic aims will ensure the priorities of member organisations are better reflected in NUDOR programmes; help NUDOR and its members to become stronger so that they can bring about change for persons with disabilities; and focus NUDOR’s advocacy efforts on the most pressing issues faced by persons with disabilities.

You can download a copy of our strategic plan here:

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