PPIMA Project

Public Policy Information Monitoring and Advocacy, PPIMA 

The Public Policy Information, Monitoring and Advocacy (PPIMA) – Programme is a civil society support project aimed at promoting an active interest among Rwandan Civil Society organizations and citizens in Public policy affairs and helping them to self- organize and acquire the skills they need to engage effectively in national and local level processes of policy formulation, implementation and management. PPIMA was initiated by the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) with its partners of Civil Society organizations after considering that: primo, there is a positive correlation of good governance, poverty alleviation and active participation of the citizens. Secundo, Rwandan Civil Society and Citizens are not interested, well informed and skilled enough and / or organized enough to engage actively and effectively in public policy dialogue and in monitoring the use of public resources allocated to economic development and poverty alleviation.

In order to get the above objective, there are a number of activities undertaken and among them the fight for the rights of the less empowered, giving a space to participate in decision made at every level of the country and benefiting to the development as other citizens. Fight and advocate for the rights of the marginalized people should be effective only if all citizens including Persons with disabilities, are informed about and actively engaged in that struggle.

NUDOR as a partner in the PPIMA Project was and still engaged to interest and engaging citizens to actively influence the decision making and delivery of public services.

Rwanda legal framework is well done even if still has some gaps. The level of understanding of the content of these laws and policies is still low so that the implementation is facing challenges. PWDs are yet among most of marginalized people in the society. Access to information and full participation as well as access to services delivery still a big challenge. The local authorities who are supposed to serve all citizens equally are not yet open to disability. Even if disability is now one of the cross-cutting issues, the community is not aware and do not have enough skills and knowledge on their rights. The UNCRPD and UNCRC are not yet disseminated at a large scare to give information to the community on how these rights should be respected, protected and promoted. This project is being implemented in 8 Districts: Gatsibo, Nyagatare, Ngororero, Nyabihu, Nyaruguru, Nyamagabe, Burera, Nyabihu.

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