UNDP-Rwanda UNDP-Rwanda’s programmes and activities, respond to challenges facing the country achieve its short and long term development goals, be it national initiative or international agreements. These include among others, EDPRS (Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy), Vision 2020, SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)… Our assistance framework is guided by the United Nations Development Assistance Plan (UNDAP) 2013-2018, which is aligned with the priorities of the Government of Rwanda, as identified in the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS) and the Vision 2020 of Rwanda.
Christian Blind Missioncbm_logo2 CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world.

Based on its Christian values and over 100 years of professional expertise, CBM addresses poverty as a cause and a consequence of disability, and works in partnership to create an inclusive society for all.

DRFDRF Disability Rights Fund
Disabled Persons OrganisationsDPOD DPOD (Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark) is a Danish umbrella organisation with 33 member organisations. DPOD is strongly committed to engaging in efforts that serve to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities in developing countries. In close collaboration with its member organisations DPOD supports the development of vibrant, representative and inclusive disability movements that are able to advance the implementation of the CRPD and hold governments and other duty bearers effectively to account.
Humanity&Inclusion HI promotes the inclusion of Rwandan people with disabilities in society, in particular at community level. The organisation offers support to disabled people’s organisations, providing them with technical and financial assistance. This enables these organisations to pursue actions to promote the rights and civic participation of people with disabilities.

Rwanda seeks a Rwandan society which will be inclusive, united and respectful of the rights of vulnerable persons, more specifically the rights of persons with disabilities.

MyRightmyright_logo2 MyRight is the Swedish disability rights movement’s umbrella organisation for international development work. MyRight is a politically and religiously independent aid organisation that works to ensure that persons with disabilities are better able to access their rights.
Norwegian People’s AidNPA Norwegian Peoples’ Aid
Voluntary Service OverseasVSO VSO is the world’s leading international development organisation that uses volunteers to fight poverty and reduce inequality.

Its vision is simple: a world without poverty.

Its approach is unique: sending skilled volunteers from sectors such as health, education and business to work with partners who have requested our help. VSO enables a two-way exchange that benefits the volunteer and the community they serve far beyond the life of the placement.

The Liliane Foundationlogo_lilianefonds2 The Liliane Foundation aims to support children and youngster with disabilities who live in poverty, for them to participate equally and as fully as possible in their families and communities, so that their lives have the highest possible quality.

By working with local partner organisations, the Liliane Foundation empowers children by increasing the child’s personal, social, educational and economic strengths, to become agents of change in their own communities

Palladium Group Palladium is a global leader in the design, development and delivery of Positive Impact – the intentional creation of enduring social and economic value. We work with foundations, investors, governments, corporations, communities and civil society to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social, environmental and financial benefits.
Palladium is a child-safe organisation, and screens applicants for suitability to work with children. It also provide equal employment to all participants and employees without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.


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