Poverty Reduction

People living in poverty are more likely to develop a disability and people with disabilities are more likely to struggle to make the income they need. The number of persons with disabilities engaged in economic activities in Rwanda is 56%; this is much lower than that of the population without a disability (75%).[1] The reasons for low economic activity are, in part, linked to issues of access to education. Additional barriers to employment include stigma and discrimination and a lack of accommodations to make workplaces accessible / inclusive. Public works programmes offered through Ubudehe are often not accessible to persons with disabilities.



  1. SaveAbility Socio-Economic empowerment of people with disability in Rwanda through VSLA’s in Partnership with the Scottish Government via CBM-UK
  2. Promoting the Social Economic Situation of people with disability. Funded by CBM Germany.
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR): Is a programme funded by Liliane Foundation.
  4. Development Local Inclusif / Readaptation a Base Communautaire (DLI/RBC).

[1] Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (2014): Fourth Population and Housing Census, Rwanda, 2012 Thematic Report on the Socio-economic characteristics of persons with disabilities.

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