Collectif Tubakunde

Collectif Tubakunde advocates for children with intellectual impairments and focuses on improving standards of special education and health care for children with intellectual impairments. There are 38 schools and centres for children with intellectual impairments in 24 districts who are part of Collectif Tubakunde. They are using one of their centres to model best practices which will be used as an advocacy tool. Collectif Tubakunde also advocates on the issue of improved diagnosis and is currently providing input into the development of the Special Education curriculum. Through capacity building and income generating activities, Collectif Tubakunde supports parents groups to form cooperatives giving parents the skills and collective voice to advocate on behalf of their children.

The organization is represented at a ministerial taskforce together with VSO, HI, UNICEF and ADRA on inclusive education established by the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC). The main focus of the taskforce has been the challenges in training of teachers in inclusive education.


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