Troupes des Personnes Handicapées Twuzazanye (THT)


Troup of Handicap Persons Twuzuzanye (THT) was formed by a group of persons with disabilities in September 2007 in order to advocate and communicate for changed behavior towards disability through sport and socio-cultural activities. THT is formed of a number of different groups which participate in different ways to meet the objectives of the organization. The activities they do include :

  1. Advocacy and sensitization on issues of people with disabilities through drama. From 2007-2009, the group educated communities in ten districts about inclusive education and the need for children with disabilities to be included in the Education for All programme. They have produced a video CD to educate peoples with disabilities on HIV/AIDS prevention and on the challenges which are faced by PWDs in using condoms. The group participates actively in the celebration of national and international days by perfuming drama, songs or sketches in collaboration with different NGOs or institutions.
  2. Promotion of the participation of persons with disabilities in sporting and cultural activities and includesseven-a-side football and sitting volleyball. The sitting volleyball teams are sponsored by NYARUGENGE district into championship organized by NPC/Rwanda (national Paralympics committee of Rwanda) of which THT is a member.
  3. A cooperative of women with disabilities called cooperative Twuzuzanye Tujijurane. The women in the cooperative make money through tailoring and sewing.
  4. Training of trainers. Volunteer peer educators have been trained to educate their communities on HIV/AIDs, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and life skills training sponsored by JICA

THT also has a voluntary executive committee elected by the members of the organization which manages the functioning of the organization and act as its legal representatives.

THT’s objectives are to :

  1. Carry out sensitization and advocacy regarding problems of people with disability people through drama
  2. Train people with disability on life skills;
  3. Promote social life and fulfillment of people with disability through sports and cultural activities;
  4. Sensitize people with disability on unit and reconciliation and fight against violence and discrimination;
  5. Fight against HIV/AIDS



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