Association Générale des Handicapés du Rwanda (AGHR)

Association Générale des Handicapés du Rwanda (AGHR) is an organization of disabled people which defends, protects and promotes the human rights and social and economic well-being of persons with disabilities. AGHR is Rwanda’s oldest organisation for people with disabilities, created in December 1979.

Persons with disability in Rwanda are more likely to be illiterate, more likely to be unemployed and therefore living in poverty than persons without disability. AGHR aims to break this cycle by providing skills training, supporting co-operatives and also provides literacy training to adults with disabilities. AGHR also provides school fees and materials to a number of children of parents with disabilities who were identified as struggling to send their children to school.

Through their HIV prevention project AGHR aim to increase awareness of HIV and safer sex amongst persons with disabilities. They also support community based rehabilitation in Kayonza District.

AGHR’s advocacy efforts focus on accessibility.

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