Education for All

Education for All project supported by DPOD and Danish Guides and Scouts, with aim of Promoting inclusion of CWDs in schools by bridging the existing challenges faced by CWDs.

Under DPOD (Disabled people’s organizations of Denmark) and Danish Scout Association financial fund, NUDOR is implementing the four year project (2016-2019) entitled Education for All. The project covers five schools located in different provinces of Rwanda as shown below: Groupe Scolaire Burema in Nyarugenge District, Rukingu Primary School in Rulindo District, Groupe Scolaire Ruhango Catholique in Ruhango District, Groupe Scolaire Rwisirabo in Nyagatare District, Muramba A Primary School in Ngororero District. In collaboration with MINEDUC, a sixth one will be selected and supported for two years (2018-2019.)

The main objective of this project intervention is to promote basic education among children with disabilities in Rwanda by implementing a model of inclusive education with local partners. Its final long term impact is to see children with disability considered as the rights holders to education by the communities and schools.

EFA project activities are focusing on the following three outcomes:

 More accessible schools for children with disability

 Community members who actively support the identification of out of school CWDs and provide them with local solutions

 CWDS are supported to access education



The project is promising to reach its objective of promoting basic education among children with disabilities in Rwanda. The story of Savio, one of the project beneficiaires is a typical example of how beneficiaires enjoyed their rights to education.

Savio is 8 years old, born in Ruhango District. He is in primary one at GS Ruhangocatholique. Savio was born with clumsy movements due to undeveloped body organs notably arms and legs. he cannot stand still. Before joining a nearby pilot school he had been left home. His parents were desperate, and so was he.

When NUDOR and Humanity and Inclusion (former Handicap International) started working with GS Ruhango Catholique School; an intensive mobilization was conducted. As a result, Savio’s parents joined a self help group of parents of CWDs in the school and started getting the meaning and importance of inclusive education for children with disabilities and they finally committed themselves to send his to school. At the first time, teachers were reluctant to receive her because they thought they could not manage to handle the case. It is in this regard, technical assistance has been offered to the teachers, many examples were provided and together with parents they managed to respond to his different needs such as a different chair brought by parents to school, an adapted mat used as table while writing, a wheelchair to come to school and go back home. Other children are sensitized to support him as well.

Savio is helped to write using his toes and he is now doing well. He can write all letters and numbers as peers and teachers are flexible with him and they always think of additional time when it comes to evaluate school tasks. Subsequently, this is serving as a model and feasibility of inclusive education where it is supported by the school and the community.


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