Dukore Twigire Project (DUT)



“DUKORE TWIGIRE” is Project aligned with the Government strategies and policies such as the National Strategy for Transformation 2017-2024. It also contributes to the Financial Sector Development Strategic Plan (2018-2024) which emphasizes the broadening, deepening and development of the financial sector to accelerate economic growth, the efficient allocation of resources and the improved wealth creation.

The project is in line with the National Employment Policy 2019, the National Employment Program (Kora Wigire Program) and the National Social Protection Strategy Program (Vision Umurenge Program, Girinka, etc.). The National Employment Program has components of skills development, mobilizing people to self-create jobs and access to financial services through the Business Development Fund. The latter is linked to this project to improve the capacity of persons with disabilities for entrepreneurship and access to loan services.

The project is also aligned with the government’s promotion of the culture of savings. VSLGs are also linked to MFIs including Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) to generalize financial access that have been initiated in all 416 administrative sectors.

All districts have District Development Strategies which define goals such as inclusion of persons with disabilities; increased social protection, job creation, poverty reduction and the participation of persons with disabilities in decision-making that affects their interests. These varied activities across the districts, together with Dukore Twigire, will actively contribute to the achievement of employment and social protection goals.

To strengthen the sustainability of this action, persons with disabilities will be facilitated to obtain savings funds and social funds through financial resources from self-employment and salaried employment. The DUKORE TWIGIRE project is funded by CBM German (Christian Blind Mission) for a period of 4 years from January 2022 to December 2025. Its intervention focuses on improving incomes, economic resilience and participation in community decision-making, strengthening access to financial services and improving financial skills, through the creation of groups Village Savings and Loans (VSL) and technical and appropriate soft skills training through Community Based Trainings (CBT).

The project is targeting the populations of Huye district in Southern province, Rwamagana and Bugesera districts in Eastern province and Kicukiro district in Kigali city.  Direct target group are 14,000 persons with disabilities in mentioned four districts and 200 Youth with disabilities.


The overall objective is to improved Socio-Economic status of people with disabilities through access to simple savings, financial services and other employment opportunities.

The specific objectives

•  By 2025, 14,000 persons with disabilities in Rwamagana, Bugesera, Huye and Kicukiro districts have improved incomes, economic resilience and involvement in community decision-making.

• By 2025, 200 Youth with disabilities are equipped through technical & appropriate soft skills training.

Expected Results:

1.1. Persons with and without disabilities mobilized and sensitized to establish the VSLG by 2025.

1.2. Enhanced access to internal savings and loans facilities for Persons with and without disabilities members of VSLGs by 2025.

1.3. VSLG members mobilized to participate in community activities including Community works, Community Gatherings, Parents Roundtable and elections organized by 2025.

1.4. Increased access to financial services from MFIs and government programs by 2025.

2.1. Youth enrolled in vocational training schools, CBTs acquired employability skills and benefited from employee’s internships.

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