DRF Project

Parallel Report Development and Monitoring of Disability rights Project

The Disability Rights Funds funded project is implemented by NUDOR with objective to produce and submit the alternative report on CRPD implementation in Rwanda, monitoring the rights of PWD’s as well as monitoring its implementation. The 2017activities built on the previous with involved data collection, data entry and data analysis. During this year, we also considered individual report, media and systemic monitoring reports which were compiled as source of information as evidence based for the parallel report drafting and used for advocacy purposes. It is unfortunate that the final report has not yet been submitted to Geneva for the review as it was planned for the beginning of this year, we are still waiting for feedback and comments from the team of experts working closely with the donor of this project. We expect that, the final report is planned to be submitted not later than March 2018 because it is scheduled on CRPD Calendar of 2018, that Rwanda will be reviewed as you know that the State report has been submitted 2015.

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