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The National Union of the Disabilities Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR) is established as a civil society organization since September 2010. Through its activities, NUDOR aims to ensure that the practical needs of persons with disabilities are fully addressed. In line of implementing its mission and achieving its vision, NUDOR has signed a collaboration agreement with Lillian Foundation from the Netherlands and thus became the Strategic Partner Organization in Rwanda from January 2016 for the implementation of the Community Based Rehabilitation program(CBR) for a better inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.

In 2019, an evaluation was conducted by LF and some gaps have been identified in the intervention to support children with disabilities. To address these gaps, the CBR-Pilot project has been developed in partnership with the Lilian Foundation and three POs (Caritas Kabgayi in Kamonyi district, Sisters Inshuti z’Abakene in Kicukiro and Eglise Presbytérienne au Rwanda(EPR) in Nyarugenge) have been selected to pilot this project respectively in Gacurabwenge, Gahanga and Mageragere Sectors. This project is aiming at an improved access to community services in the health, education, livelihoods, and social domains for children and youth with disabilities and their families in Gahanga, Mageragere and Gacurabwenge sectors and to empower them to claim their rights and entitlements.  This will be done by reducing negative attitudes and stereotypes by parents, service providers, local and opinion leaders, and by ensuring that all children and young adults with disabilities receive interventions directed at their individual needs.

The project is targeting all children and youth with disability below 25 years old both male and females. The project also targets families of children with disabilities, all from the three sectors in Gahanga, Mageragere and Gacurabwenge. In order to make sure children and young adults with disabilities are included in community life, the following groups of community members are targeted: service providers such as health centers, schools, ECDs, VTC, SACCOs, FBOs/ churches, local markets; local leaders and structures at sector, cell and village levels such as local mediators/abunzi, cell and sector staff, village leaders, Community Health Workers, Inshuti z’Umuryango (Friends of the family),  and influential people in the community such as businessmen, priests, bishops, pastors, sheikh, traditional practitioners/healers etc.  Given that this is a CBR program, CBR fieldworkers have been recruited: they form the backbone of the program and will direct their interventions on one hand on children/youngster with disabilities and their families, and on the other hand on the community at large including service providers and local leaders and structures.


a.      Main objective:

Within two years, children and young adults aged below 25 years old with disabilities in Gahanga, Mageragere and Gacurabwenge sectors are recognized as community members with needs and rights resulting in an increased access to essential community services.

b.            Specific objectives:

Objective 1:  Within two years, negative attitudes and stereotypes towards children with disabilities have reduced in Gahanga, Gacurabwenge and Mageragere sectors.

Objective 2:  Within two years, all the children and young adults with disabilities aged below 25 years old from Gahanga, Gacurabwenge and Mageragere Sectors and for whom individual plans are developed received interventions directed at and meeting their individual needs.

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